The Carolina Philharmonic – 2016-2017 Season

Eight years ago, David Michael Wolff took a chance against all odds. He bucked the grain & advice of seasoned professionals and left NYC to move to
Moore County to start his own orchestra and raise his family.

Eight years later over 3500 Moore County students from all walks of life have reaped the benefit and inspiration of his mentoring and tutelage.

Eight years later, The Carolina Philharmonic is no longer a vision or a startup but a mainstay institution in Moore County that continues to grow
with passion support from groups of all ages.

Vice Chairman of the Board of the Carolina Philharmonic, Kathleen Wilford joins David to discuss the upcoming 2016 -2017 season which kicks off on
Oct. 22nd at the Owens Auditorium.

David Michael Wolff reflects on his tenure in Moore County and the revelations are compelling.

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