Christmas For Moore (formerly the Empty Stocking Fund)

As the days of summer grow shorter and children are heading back to school, there are groups across Moore County that are making plans for Christmas.  Whether a church, civic group or a human service agency, these groups work together to provide for those that are unable to provide Christmas gifts for their family. This process begins with allowing an opportunity for families to sign up to be sponsored for the holiday.

IMG_0003 (1)Myron Dice is our guest and Publicity Co-Chair for the Christmas for Moore Steering Committee.

A Pinehurst resident, Myron has a career steeped in Service to others. He spent 19 years as administrator of a community development agency in inner-city Kansas City. (housing for families & older adults; tutoring programs, etc.), & 18 years as administrator of retirement communities including 10 years at Quail Haven & 8 years as co-pastor with Barbara in rural churches. Currently, Myron and his wife Barbara are members of the Southern Pines United Methodist Church.

While Myron discusses the newly formed Christmas for Moore as a descendant of the Empty Stocking Fund, so much of his conversation covers a 12 month per year conversation about the philosophy of living, giving and sharing with others. His insights are crystal clear and his important messages simply stated.


Families requesting Christmas gifts must register at one of these sites:

  • Aug 25 5-8 pm West End Presbyterian 275 Knox Lane
  • Aug 27 9-12 am Moore County Agricultural Center Carthage
  • Sept 6 5-8 pm Our Savior Lutheran

The head of household will be requested to show a photo ID with a current residential address. While anyone residing in Moore County may sign up,
there are no guarantees that you will be sponsored; depending on the # of sponsors. Once a family has applied to be a recipient family, this information will be shared with an available sponsor.

The sponsor will be responsible for notifying the family that they will be sponsored and arrange for the transfer of gifts from sponsor to recipient

Personal History of Service to Others

Past History: Empty Stocking

Present: Christmas for Moore

Volunteer Steering Committee

Office Supplies and Brochures provided by supporting churches

Contact: PO Box 938 Carthage 28327

Phone: 910-947-4438


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