Doug Tuxbury, the Chairman of the Community Watch of Pinehurst speaks about his involvement with this program, his journey to Pinehurst in 2011 and his 34 years of experience in the Secret Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

He weaves many story lines in his presentation that start with his father, his professional career, his love affair with the Village of Pinehurst and his new home as a young retiree. He has a finger on the new pulse of the Village of Pinehurst and the changing demographics of his community.

Community Watch of Pinehurst is a volunteer program creating a deterrent to criminal activity through observation, communication, education and team work.

The benefits of this program are numerous:

  • Lower Crime Rate
  • Safer Community
  • a More Desirable Place to Live
  • Financial benefits/savings to the tax base
  • a Strengthened Community through a Common Cause
  • a Positive relationship with the Police Dept.
  • a Sense of Pride

Doug answers all questions pertaining to how to get involved and who to contact.

Pinehurst Police Department – 910 295-3141

Village of Pinehurst – 910 295-1900

Doug Tuxbury –

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