20140725_110434With the advent of the 2nd edition of Mark! My Words, Dr. Mark Evans joins us to share his take on the state of today’s world against the backdrop of the rich Cultural History of Music, Language, the Arts, Theatre and Films that he is working diligently to communicate to the many generations of people living in our high tech, instant communication world.

In “Mark! My Words,” he explores our nation’s cultural crisis: classical music, jazz, film scores, and the masterpieces of musical theater are in danger of fading into an undeserved oblivion. Students are emerging from school unfamiliar with our nation’s musical heritage. This crisis extends not only to music, but also to an ignorance of good books, art, theater, and films. It is exacerbated by our vanishing history, a decline in language, and a pervasive celebrity culture. Mark! My Words offers a solution through Cultural Conservation and details what we can do as a society and what you can do as an individual to embark on an exciting journey of discovery that can truly impact your daily life.


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