IMG_0001Aberdeen N.C. based TEAM Consumer Intelligence, Inc. develops and markets software that combines proven marketing analysis methodologies with sophisticated data mining technologies to create all-in-one, easy-to-use and highly intuitive software programs that break through common big data barriers to deliver consumer insights and statistically reliable computations for ROI, loyalty scores, consumer preferences and purchase intent.

Our flagship and patented software product, The Social Media Index™ (SMX) is the only tool available to marketers that determines, with statistical reliability, the economic value (ROI) of consumers who follow a business in social media.

The Consumer Preference Index (CPX) enables marketers to optimize their CRM programs by identifying and extracting from ‘big data’ warehouses only the most important customer information required to generate sales.

The Employee Performance Index (EPX) application identifies and measures employee alignment with corporate goals and programs and can be used to conduct 360° employee and management performance reviews.

“Tim Maroney, President of Aberdeen-based software company TCI discusses how his company’s products enable businesses to measure the return on investment (ROI) they get from customer facing services and programs. For example, TCI’s flagship and patent-pending software, The Social Media Index, determines the economic value of consumers who follow a business on platforms like Facebook. The software bridges the gap between their social media participation and retail purchase behavior by using a built-in ROI calculator. This ‘core’ technology is explored during the program as a precursor of new technologies that are yet to come in 2014 and beyond.”,, 910.887.9691

IMG_0014Local Pinestraw writer/contributor and instructor Gayvin Powers also joins us. Gayvin is a screenwriter, and author of the book, Iona Faye, a self proclaimed love letter to her mother and an empowering vehicle of self worth and esteeem for elementary to middle school age girls. Gayvin was the receipient of the Ojai Film Society Award for her screenplay entitled “1916”. Today Gayvin is a frequent contributor to Pinestraw Magazine and conducts writer’s workshops in the Sandhills. She shares her inspirations, aspirations and passion for writing.

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