The New Farmer’s Market At The Health Dept. Healthy Eating – Nutritional Tips

Monday, May 1st marks the kickoff to the Farmers Market at the Health Department from 10:30 – 1:00 p.m.

The marketing idea came together through the work of both the Health Departments WIC (Women, Infant & Children) and Education Divisions. Having this market at the Health Dept. will make it easier for WIC participants to use their Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) vouchers. The Health Education division became involved because obesity has been identified as a health priority in the two previous Community Health Assessments. 

Since the current farmers markets all occur in the southern portion of the County, having it in Carthage will allow people in the northern portions to
have access to fresh produce. 

Rich Tompkins, the Accreditation Coordinator/Public Health Educator, Lauren Rakes, the Supervisor of the Woman, Infant & Child Dept. and local farmer, Dave Maness join us in the first part of the show to discuss.

Some of the local farms being featured include : Eagles Nest Berry Farm, Priest Family Farms, Highlander Farms, Happy Trails Farms, Paradox Farms & 3 M’s Boer Goat Farm.

Healthy eating & obesity is discussed with Kathy O’Donnell. Her experience in consulting, organizational behavior, psychology & her training as a whole food natural chef gives us a new bent or understanding about the behavior of unhealthy eating and how to change it. Kathy eloquently and wittingly dispels the efficacy of common diets and the culture of fast foods in the fast pace lives we all lead. Through her involvement at First Health’s
Clara McLean House she can easily draw on the strong relationship between diet & illness. Her word pictures are something we can all relate to. The
Clara McLean House provides overnight accommodations for patients and families in a variety of situations.

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