Board members, Chris Deanes and Bob Jackson discuss the many facets of the Elks Club in Southern Pines including their Pool & Golf Membership as well as their dining & party facilities.

The Donald Ross designed course has won consistent national & statewide acclaim and the pool facility offers today’s younger families one of their most requested “wish list” items for their children.

With such a rich history, the Elks Club offers people of all ages so much value for their dollar and plays such a strong role in the communities involvement in charitable and non-profit organizations.

Bob & Chris review the fees to join the club; help define the background of the Elk’s, and share some heartwarming stories about growing up around this club or watching their children do the same.

The Elks Club is located at 280 Country Club Circle in Southern Pines.,
Inquiries about the club and their meeting facilities can be made at, 910 692-7375.


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