Millennials_In_Ministry-2Local author, Dr. Jolene Erlacher, and local minister, Rev. Charles Albright, join Bill Sahadi to discuss topics related to Jolene’s new book, Millennials in Ministry. Generational differences affect us all in our families, schools, businesses, and churches. As Boomers, Xers and Millennials (born 1980-1995) work together and interface with the Silent/Civic generation and the younger Generation Z, the diversity of behaviors and attitudes requires understanding by all. While Boomers may perceive Millennials to be entitled or lack communication skills, Millennials often struggle to understand the values behind Boomer expectations and perspectives. Jolene and Charles (Chae) discuss personal experiences in intergenerational settings and Jolene recommends strategies for leaders, parents, and organizations that address misunderstandings and maximize the strengths of all individuals on intergenerational teams.
The research and stories discussed in Millennials in Ministry look at young adults who pursue church or missions work as a career. In a season when many young adults are choosing to leave the church, why do some choose to pursue ministry as a vocation? Chae shares his story and Jolene discusses her research. How do the vision and values of Millennials for the church and religious institutions differ from older generations? How can those hiring, leading and working with Millennials in ministry encourage and empower them for a future of service? Jolene highlights some of the answers from her research. These are covered in more depth in her book, scheduled for release September 1st, 2014 and available for pre-order on her website at

Dr. Jolene Erlacher founded Leading Tomorrow ( in 2013. She enjoys speaking, training and consulting for churches, schools, businesses and non-profit organizations on generational trends, effective team development and intergenerational leadership. She also works part-time as an instructor at Sandhills Community College.

Jolene’s education background includes a graduate certificate in International Leadership. Her Master’s degree is in English and her doctorate is in Leadership from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. She has also completed training on the StrengthsFinder assessment through Gallup Consulting and studied freelance writing at the Loft Literary Center.

Jolene lives in Pinehurst, NC with her husband, twin daughters and their dog Rex. She enjoys reading, writing and drinking coffee.

Rev. Charles (Chae) and his wife, Whitney, came to live in Southern Pines to join the ministry of SPUMC from Benson, NC in 2012. Chae is from Bennett, NC, and Whitney is from Robbins, NC. Both Chae and Whitney graduated from North Moore High School in 2005. Chae received his Bachelor of Arts in History from UNC at Chapel Hill in December, 2008. In the fall of 2009, he started at Duke Divinity School, where he received his Masters of Divinity in May of 2012.

Charles has enjoyed taking part in the ministries, either as an intern or staff member, at Pleasant Union UMC in Liberty, NC and Cokesbury UMC in Stedman, NC. Charles has also had experience as a chaplain intern through Wake Med. Both he and Whitney are excited about taking part in the mission and ministry of SPUMC as SPUMC continues to reach out and make disciples of Jesus Christ.



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