Generational Poverty

IMG_0009Barrett Walker, Exec. Director of the Sandhills/Moore Coalition for Human Care & Coalition volunteer, John Tampa, job counselor, past teacher, mentor & coach, discuss the basic tenets of a the book, Generational Poverty by Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.

Barrett W. Walker, Executive Director
Sandhills/Moore Coalition for Human Care
(910) 693.1600 ext. 204 (910) 693.1051 fax

Understanding how the premise of this book works, goes a long way to helping people of all different backgrounds to hear and listen to others in a way
that we thought we were able to.

“Generational Poverty is defined as a family having lived in poverty for at least two generations. It is important to understand the difference between
Generational Poverty and Situational Poverty”

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