Yoga Is Truly For Everyone!

EAST MEETS WEST: A humorous look at the practice:

This week’s program explores many of the healing and holistic aspects of yoga practice. John and Julie Tampa, both seasoned yoga instructors, share
their enthusiasm for not only the physical benefits of yoga – increased strength, flexibility, and balance, but also the strengthening and healing
of the mind and emotions through breath work and meditation.

While John is a seasoned yoga studio instructor, he has found his passion in adaptive yoga for injuries and disabilities. He has worked with a wide
range of people, many of whom would not be able to take a traditional yoga class. Each person’s practice is developed for his/her unique needs, goals,
and limitations in mind. He finds working with people on a one-to-one basis extremely rewarding because as his students heal and grow physically,
they also develop a more positive outlook on their lives. And each session also provides the opportunity for discussions about the depth teachings of
yoga as a way of being in the world.

The program also includes three very different people who have benefitted from private yoga instruction. Hayley Smith, a young, rising upper level
event horse rider shares her compelling story of recovery from a serious riding injury. She is now back into competition and performing at a higher
level than ever through her practice. Merilyn Goldschmid, a retired health care professional, has used the practice of yoga to foster her own emotional
healing and spiritual grounding. Since beginning her practice of yoga with John, she has entered into a yoga teacher training program in Charlotte,
with an eye toward using her practice in the healing arts one day. And host, Bill Sahadi has found private instruction beneficial after lower back
surgery a year and a half ago, and as a way to improve balance. The net result for Bill has been no lower back issues since the surgery.

Each person also discusses how their practice of yoga has impacted their personal lives for the better.feeling more grounded and centered, even in
the midst of stressful situations. Yoga is an ancient path that leads to healing and integrated wholeness.

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