MCLI is a leadership program sponsored by the Moore County Chamber of
Commerce. One of this years group of leaders is led by Mandy Dennis, Jermaine Walker & Kevin Whitaker and they speak of their affiliation with the Life Care Pregnancy Center in Carthage. Board member Karen Wicker speaks about the good work the Life Care Center does in helping unexpected pregnant mothers or those in financial need. The synergy of this organization, a non-profit, and the MCLI is one of many examples that illustrates how Moore County provides for it citizens.

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Another example of of the support citizens of Moore County receive is illustrated by The Old Glory Legacy Foundation founded by guest Rachel Medley. Rachel tells the story of her close family, her love of horses and an 8 year military career that has seen Rachel now call Moore County home. The Foundation is Rachel’s way of bringing military families closer together; strengthening family ties, and preservering and honoring her passion for all these facets of her life in a way that also benefits others.
Rachel’s Foundation and farm is located at 180 Bowman Rd., Aberdeen, N.C. 28315.

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