Moore County parents have many choices when it comes to education in the Sandhills.

One of the most compelling private school options is the Sandhills Classical Christian School.

IMG_0009New head of school, Dr. Alan Marshall joins teacher & Principal of the school’s St. Anthony’s campus, Margo Rhodes, and Kathie Parson, a parent of 8th grader Wyatt Parson to discuss the unique Classical Model of education they provide with the cornerstone of Grace & Accountability always being at the forefront.

This new leadership team is passionate, compelling and inspirational on all levels.

Dr. Alan Marshall – Head of School is a retired Air Force Colonel.  Colonel Marshall was an Air Force pilot and his flying career was highlighted by his time as a U-2 pilot. He served in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom as a U-2 squadron commander and finished his career as the Director of Safety for the largest major command in the Air Force. Dr. Marshall also taught math at the United States Air Force Academy.

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Sandhills Classical Christian School serves children from pre-school through high school here in Southern Pines. The mission of Sandhills Classical Christian School is to graduate citizens of excellence for the glory of God. The school is currently enrolling for the 2015/2016 school year and has about 320 children. SCCS students test an average of two to four grades above the national average but not all students come to the school above average. We believe that the Classical education model truly is the most effective way to teach children and we take children from where they are and make them the very best students they can be.

Our Academic Program

Thomas Jefferson. John Adams. James Madison. These great leaders and founding fathers were educated Classically, a teaching method developed over the course of two millennia.

The Classical method teaches children not just facts; it teaches wisdom and critical thinking. The core of the method is the trivium, a division of learning into three. Children study elements of each phase simultaneously, but the teaching style is specific to the brain’s natural development for each age.

Grammar Phase  The brains of children in kindergarten through fifth grade are at the height of their ability to memorize. In this phase, Classical education capitalizes on that skill, giving children information they will retain over a lifetime.

Logic Phase  In grades sixth through eighth, Classical education takes advantage of the naturally argumentative and questioning stage of children. These students are taught how to reason through their questions and come to understand that disagreement need not be disagreeable.

Rhetoric Phase  The final phase is the high school years. At this time, the Classical education teaches students to persuasively articulate their thoughts and beliefs through discussion, presentation and writing. Sandhills Classical Christian School uses this model to graduate citizens of excellence to the glory of God.

Sandhills Classical Christian School also operates a pre-school with campuses at four locations throughout Moore County.

A Letter from Dr. Alan Marshall

As Head of the School, I would like to welcome you to Sandhills Classical Christian School located in Southern Pines, North Carolina, near the beautiful village of Pinehurst. Distinctively classical and thoroughly Christian, our mission is to graduate citizens of excellence for the glory of God. Children from pre-school through high school, develop a Christian world view through strong academics and robust programs. On average, our students test two to four grade levels above the national average, click here to view scores, but that does not mean that all of our students come to the school above average. We believe our dedication to classical Christian pedagogy takes children from wherever they are, and elevates them to the be the very best students they can be. We also pride ourselves in training our students to be polite, courteous, and well mannered. “Yes, Sir,” “Yes, Ma’am,” “Please,” and “Thank you” are phases you will frequently hear from our students.

Currently housed in adequate facilities at two campuses, we are in the process of acquiring land for a new central campus specifically designed to create an optimum learning environment. Our exceptional faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a classical education integrated with Christian values. The classical model relies on the Trivium: Students learn and memorize important facts and rules in the grammar phase, gain an understanding of these facts and rules in the logic phase, and develop an ability to communicate their understanding in the rhetoric phase.

Since we recognize the importance of teamwork, the development of a strong athletic program to include soccer, basketball, cross-country, golf, and tennis is in process. Students also have access to a football program, and we hope to start a baseball program as well as other sports programs in the future.

With a strong background in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), I am personally committed to further enhancing our existing STEM programming. Because of my education and experience in Organizational Leadership, it is my intention to also implement a unique leadership-training program where students will be taught practical leadership models such as Servant Leadership and the Inverted Pyramid model.

Please take some time to look at Sandhills Classical Christian School. The school combines the academic rigor of a classical education with a strong moral foundation that centers on a Christ-centered world view. We are in an exciting period of growth and renewal; students, teachers, and parents all feel the energy that comes from being involved with a cause greater than self. Come visit with us and see how enthusiastic we are about our mission of graduating citizens of excellence all for the glory of God.


J. Alan Marshall, Ph.D. 

Head of School 

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