Dr. Stanton is a staff psychiatrist at First Health and focuses on ER/Consult service and the outpatient clinic She specializes in anxiety and
mood disorders. Her conversation pierces thru the media headlines and provides us with good solid information to increase awareness and better our understanding.
National Suicide Information:

An outline of her conversation includes many important talking points:


. 14th Leading cause of morality globally (World Health
. 10th leading cause of death in the US
. 11th leading cause of death in North Carolina
. Gender, Age, Race, Education

Trends in State Suicide Rate:

. 1999-2016 – Increase of 30% in 25 states
. NC increased by 12.7%
. 54% of people who died did not have any known mental health
. Increased likelihood of relationship problems/loss, life
stressors, or impending crisis
. Largest increase in adult age 45-64
. Trends in Moore County

Risk Factors (No single cause):. Prior attempts
. Access to lethal means
. Intoxication from alcohol or other substance
. Social and economic problems
. Poor coping and problem-solving skillsTerminology:. Ideation
. Threat
. Gesture
. Non-suicidal self-injuryPrevention:. Provide financial support to individuals in need.
. Strengthen access to and delivery to care
. Create protective environment
. Connect people within their communities
. Teach coping and problem-solving
. Prevent future risk
. Identify and support people at riskWarning signs:. Feeling like a burden
. Isolating
. Unbearable pain
. Increase substance use
. Hopelessness
. Talking about wanting to die

5 Steps to help

1. Ask
2. Keep them safe
3. Be there
4. Help them connect
5. Follow up

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