Team Rubicon – Volunteers To Help You On Your Worst Day

“When service members leave the military, they often find that they miss having a mission. They miss having a mission to train for, to prepare for, to have their bags packed for. And they miss serving their country and their community. Team Rubicon gives their members a mission.”

Brian and Margarieta Gellman, career Soldiers who recently moved to Moore County, are members of a Veteran Service Organization called Team Rubicon. Team Rubicon is a disaster response organization that deploys domestically and internationally to help people on their worst day by uniting the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders and repurposes them to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.

Brian and Margarieta talk about their personal experiences with Team Rubicon and explain how Team Rubicon uses the disaster response mission as a way to help give their members purpose, identity and the opportunity to continue to serve their community. They further discuss plans to host community service projects in Moore County for Team Rubicon members and friends.DSC05809

As of this printing, Team Rubicon is completing a local project in Pinehurst, N.C. to assist a family with medical issues beyond their control. Teaming up with Bill Sahadi of Fore Properties, Team Rubicon is assisting in painting, carpet removal, landscaping & cleaning in an effort to put this home in marketable condition thereby allowing the stream of income from this property to flow directly to the family in question.
To learn more about Team Rubicon, visit their website at

You can also contact Brian Gellman at to learn more about Team Rubicon or to discuss opportunities to work together.

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