John Zumwalt – District 52 Candidate For NC State Representative

March 15th is election day in Moore County. For John Zumwalt it has been a 34 year journey that brings him to this day and to his vision for Moore County’s future with a spirit and a heart for his very special past.

John Zumwalt for NC House

Beyond the policy, beyond the rhetoric and beyond the posturing, John believes that two of his greatest assets are his lack of political experience and his deep seated belief in the value of a fair-minded & funded educational system in Moore County that recognizes the teachers, the teacher assistants, the infrastructure, AND THE STUDENTS.

John’s journey to this point reflects years of raising a wonderful family, with his wife, Mindi, a teacher in her own right, who passed away a year ago this weekend.  Mindi was a teacher in four or five different states as she and John moved thru John’s many vocations.  They raised their children and elevated one another through the years. 

John Zumwalt for NC House

Mindi may have been the initial source of John’s inspiration but coupled with his principled and steadfast nature he has been given a new voice and vision as he moves forward as a spokesperson, a teacher and a tireless advocate for Moore County and all its citizens. 

Treasurer Angie McKew, a family friend for 19 years, shares John’s passion and heart and she is able to weave the special texture of her friendship with Mindi and the Zumwalt family over the years.

There is much to hear and much to see in this podcast and full video presentation. 

John Zumwalt for NC House

You’ll quickly see that it is not politics at all, but heartfelt passion and  his sincere commitment that fuels the Zumwalt candidacy.

Yes, you’ll hear about the issues of the day, but if you look very closely, you’ll see a man… you’ll see a heart… and you’ll see an unwavering commitment to serve “We the People” of Moore County.



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